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Useful math hacks they didn’t teach you in school

admin on March 11, 2015 - 9:38 pm in Awesome, Hacks

Mathematics is the critical as well as technical subject if you know its technique you have the grip or command on it otherwise you can lose that subject with your hands. In mathematics there are certain techniques and formulas which are supported by different principles for the purpose of involving math in our daily routine. With these knowing techniques which are taught to us in schools some of the basic description which didn’t teach us in schools is also in concern because sometimes you have to do frequent math in your mind for giving frequent answers. Here are some techniques which you must know in your life for your daily routine:

  • Convert Fahrenheit into Celsius: If you are asked to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius then it is easy to calculate by subtracting 30 from the number and then dividing the number by 2 for the purpose of having Fahrenheit from Celsius and similarly if you have to convert Celsius from Fahrenheit you can calculate from backward formula. In this way you can make easy your calculations and saves your time.

Fahrenheit to Celsiusvia reddit/u/quaxon

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