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Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

admin on March 17, 2015 - 5:56 am in Tips

Here are some tricks and tips that will help you to keep your things clean in spring :

  • How to keep your washing machine clean:

Cleaning your washing machine is one the most difficult tasks. Most of the people do not know that how they can easily wash their machines. Here is an easier and very effective tip that will help you. You just need bleach and white Vinegar to wash your washing machines.These two things will clean your washing machine deeply and make it brighter than before.

  • Cleaning your mattress and carpets:

Most of us use carpets in our homes. You should try to use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets, mattress and other stuffs like that.Cleaning mattress and carpets with vacuum cleaner takes less time and effort.

  • Cleaning your foam Pillow:

It is not possible to put your pillow in the washing machine because it has foam inside.The thing you can do is you can easily clean your pillow from vacuum machine.Vacuum your pillow from both sides.or the best thing is to wash your pillow covers in the washing machine. It will remove all the dust from your pillow.It’s important to wash your pillow monthly because dust on it can be harmful for your skin as you put your face on it.

  • Cleaning your purse:

It’s a fact that stains can happen to your bag, but the thing is to how to deal with it. you need to take out all the things from your bag,check all the pockets if it contains any content then make it empty.clean your interior part of purse with soft cloth. Add twotablespoons of liquidly soap in a cup of water then dip your soft cleaning cloth into that water and clean your purse with it and at the end dry your purse with a clean towel.

  • Cleaning your bathroom Exhaust fan and air vents of your home:

It’s very important to keep your bathroom exhaust clean, otherwise it will spread dirty air around your bathroom. Add three tablespoons ofliquidly soap into a bucket then dip a sponge into that water and clean the exhaust fan properly with it, dry it with a clean towel and the same procedure can be used for cleaning air vents. If you don’t clean your air vents properly, it can affect the working of it.

  • Cleaning your pans and pots:

We all find it very difficult to clean dirty and burnt pans. Here is a very easy tip for you to clean your pans. You just need to wash your burnt pans, pots and dishes with vinegar and baking soda. It will remove all the grease and dirt from your plan in a few minutes.

  • Cleaning your oven:

There are different ways for cleaning oven, the best one is to clean it with ammonia. In the past ammonia didn’t use that much because ofit ‘s strong smell, but that strong smell has the powerful cleaning power, that’s why cleaning your oven with ammonia is beneficial. All you need to do is put a dish with half cup of ammonia in your oven for a night.The next day you will see that the dirt on oven s’ wall will be loosened, then you can easily clean all the dirt and grime with a clean sponge.

  • Cleaning your dishwashers:

We all wash our dishes, but don’t think of washing our dishwasher.If your dishwasher remains dirty that its working performance will be reduced with time. First, you need to add any acid in a two cup of water, then dip a clean sponge in that water and clean your dishwasher with it and at the end dry your dishwasher with a clean towel.

  • Cleaning your hairbrush:

Many of us don’t think of cleaning hair brush.It is as important as cleaning your other stuffs.
First, you need to remove all the hairs from your brush, then you can wash it with shampoo or any other liquidly soap, dry your brush witha clean towel.

  • Cleaning your Coffee maker:

You can easily clean your coffee maker by using vinegar .It will remove all the stains from your coffee maker and give it shine.

  • Cleaning your Towel:

Towel is a thing that you use in your regular basis, so it should be clean from all the germs and stains. You can wash your towel by using baking powder and vinegar. It will make your towel whiter andcleaner.

  • Cleaning your car:

You can clean your car by any liquidly soap, dip a clean cloth in that water and clean your car from top to bottom properly and by using a vacuum machine you can easily clean your car from inside, vacuum properly around the seats.

  • Cleaning your Ceiling fan:

You can clean your ceiling fan with your any pillowcase so that the dust will not go everywhere. It’s one of the easiest tips for cleaning ceiling fans in your home.

  • Changing your batteries in a smoke detector:

When you are changing your smoke detector battery, make sure you are using the right type of battery. Switch off your smoke detector from the main switch, then removes the old battery and insert the new battery in it and then switch on your smoke detector.


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