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Incredible Snack hacks

admin on March 28, 2015 - 4:44 pm in Awesome, Hacks

In your life there are many things which must be done for your convenience. Some things are very unique and very useful for you to use in your daily routine. If you are using these things then you are doing good job for yourself and saving your time also by using these things and ideas. Sometimes you are in hurry and you don’t have to do your work fast by wasting your time on time consuming work so you have to adopt certain hacks or ideas for your convenience and time saving which can help you in certain daily routine work and make your work easy for you. Here are certain snack hacks which help you to eat by saving time and easy snack:

  • Insta sweater bowl: If you wore your sweater backwards having cap then you can have the perfect bowl for your pop corns and snacks while doing office work as well studies it can also make your time entertaining because of its multiple work of cap and bowl the difference lies with the difference of wearing the direction of the sweater.
  • Stale tortilla chips: If you are feeling hungry and your tortilla chips began to stale you can give them toss in oven for 10 minutes after this they again become for ready to eat it is easy to make them again for using instead of being angry on anything else.
  • Microwave hack: If you are in need of heating up large number of snacks in microwave then you can put a cup with a bowl and put one more bowl on the top of bowl so that you can heat up more food within 2 minutes it can save your time and retain your efficiency of work in front of guests as well as in front of family.
  • Peel an orange: you must peel an orange with knife or cutter and the peel of orange can be cut by knife easily it make easy to eat orange because by using fingers you can have sticky fingers and also wound in nails which can be only prevent through knife cutting.
  • DIY Mac and Cheese: If you are hungry and don’t have anything to eat then for easy snack you may mix together cheese, milk, butter, water and pasta and microwave it for some minutes you may have the best taste and best snacks made easily in few minutes.
  • Chill soda: If you are in hurry and want to chill soda fast then you have to cover the soda bottle with tissue or a wet towel around the bottle and keep it in the freezer for few minutes you may see that t you have a chilled soda bottle within just few minutes because of wrapping in this way you can save your time.
  • Sharing ice cream: If you want to share your favorite ice cream without taking it out of cup because of melting view you can cut the cup of ice cream from center and have the two half pieces of ice cream cup and use it with a spoon you don’t have need of bowl and your ice cream will be save from melting. It may make your time entertaining as well as enjoyable without having difficulty.
  • Microwave Scrambled eggs: If you are in need of hurry and want to do breakfast very fast because of being late from office or institute you may beat up the eggs in the bowl and heap up them for 60 seconds in the oven and then whip them off with fork then again heat up for 30 seconds it may save your time and make your breakfast easy in spite of being late from office or institution.
  • Healthy ice cream: If you are in need of having healthy ice cream then there is no need of having artificial flavors you can make it by yourself by mixing bananas and almonds and freeze them in the freezer there is no need of adding creams or sugar and you may enjoy this too because your waistline also love you to have this sugar free recipe.
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich: If you are very hungry and in hurry to go outside you may also have the idea of peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your convenience. You have to just toast a bread and put some peanut butter and jelly and make the sandwich for your in need hunger it plays a very vital role.
  • Tea bags: If you are in hurry and want to have a cup of tea then you may use tea bags for making tea you have to boil water in electric cattle then dip bag of tea and mix some powdered milk an easy way of tea is that.

Above are certain snack hacks you may try at once for your convenience in life.

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