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Unexpectedly Useful Purposes for Lemons

admin on March 30, 2015 - 11:29 pm in Ideas

This world has been gifted with taste rich fruits and vegetables. Lemon is one of the most important elements to be used in preparation of food recipes and drinks. Lemon consists of citric acid and some important vitamins like vitamin A and C. It fulfills the requirement of vitamins in body and it also helps to improve the deficiency of citric acid in the body of human. With all other benefits; lemon is also used for unexpected useful purposes which are wonderful to acknowledge. From food, drinks and skin cleansing items, lemon is used in many other ways for fulfilling a variety of needs. We have no idea about the vast use of lemon in different foods and drinks in general. Here are some unexpected useful purposes for lemon in our daily routine:

  • Soothe and calm bug bites: Lemon juice is used for the purpose of removing bacteria from bottles like spray bottles. It is used as anti bacterial spray for bottles used in our daily routine like spray bottles, oil bottles, eye drop bottles and nose spray bottle etc. It keeps the inner side of bottle clean from bacteria created by bugs and flies so that it may help the people from different diseases.


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