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Simple life hacks that will change your life

admin on March 7, 2015 - 1:34 am in DIY, Hacks, Ideas

Life hacks are not the new things which are happening to you, they are the usage of old things with different perspective and making the them usable again for you. Everything has alternate usage and for the time being passed you know about the usefulness of that thing which then becomes precious for you. If these life hacks are the way of living of every one then some works become more interesting and easier to do as well as some work become fully satisfied for a person. People thought to have things for onetime but things are used for more than one purpose in a life. Here are some important life hacks which must be followed by person in daily routine:

  • Use of colander: We don’t think to use colander for cleaning cereals from cramps and crumbs which are mixed in cereals and wheat but we must use colander which can save time for the purpose of being wasting time on cleaning it by machines which are having by shopkeepers and also wasting money which are given to them for this purpose as this work is done at the home with colander.
  • Use paper clips: By using paper clips on tape ends you can save yourself from trouble at the time of need. If you want urgent tape and the ends of tape are not visible then paper clips can help if you put it at the ends of tape after using tape for your convenience.
  • Watching movies on bed: If you are with the habit of watching movies on the bed then you can use VLC player because VLC player has the option of changing video as of landscape or portrait so that you can watch movie easily on bed and it helps you to save yourself from being tired.
  • Make chicken pancakes: If you like to eat chicken and for the purpose of doing work easy for you the recipe you make easily is chicken pancakes which can easily made by frying and making on cooking range and your can overcome your hunger within no time.
  • Use of finger sticks: If you use finger sticks for eating cheetos and other snacks it looks foolish but is the good idea for having cheetos with sticks as it looks traditional and without making your hands dirty you can use sticks to have cheetos and other snacks.
  • Blue Ink pen: If you are having the problem of steal of pen everyday in classroom then you can use blue ink in red pen so that no one can steal red pen because everyone wants blue pen to write in classroom. It is good idea for saving your blue pen.
  • Unusual act: If you are having with memory problem or have other tensions in life and you don’t even remember that you have locked your door or not then you must do something unusual everyday for remembering daily locked door so that you may not have doubt about locking door at long routes and trips.
  • Burn a candle: Don’t use direct hand for burning the wick of candle you must use spaghetti stick to burn the wick of candle to save your hand from burning because it is dangerous for your skin tissues and cells.
  • Better lunch time: If you want to have good lunch time you must heat up your lunch plate by making circle of food in plate and keep the center empty so that you may have the better heat up lunch because in this direction food get better heat from microwave oven.
  • Save toilet paper: If you are having the problem of your cat or dog that the unroll the toilet paper when you are away from their care then to keep your toilet paper at its place fold the ending of toilet paper into inside so that your pet may not unroll it and you don’t face the problem while using.
  • Tool carrying: When you are on height like on building and ladder you may lost small screws and nails which are important use of that time so you must put some magnet in pocket so that screws and nails stick with that magnet and never lost when you need it on height.
  • Tiny earrings: If you lost your tiny earrings or nails on the floor then for finding such tiny items you must use the cloth covering on vacuum cleaner so that when you on vacuum cleaner you may find that tiny items which were lost in some past time.

In the above mentioned hacks and ideas you can do better in your life because these small ideas can make small happiness in your life and also you may able to do your daily routine work easily.


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