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Brilliant ways to use everyday items

admin on February 28, 2015 - 5:05 pm in Ideas, Tips

Something that use for multipurpose is more important for you than the things which is used for one purpose only. A small thing can be more important because of its multi functions and you feel blessed sometimes to have that small thing which can be used for any purpose which you never think to do ever. In everyday life there are thousands of things which you use for once than the value of existence reduces with the passage of time but you never know that a thing can used for multipurpose not for one time in a life but the value can determined by us with the passage of time. Here are certain brilliant ways to use everyday item:


  • Clean keyboard buttons: You can use your powder brush to clean keyboard’s button because a powder brush can neatly clean your keyboard from passing with softness through the buttons. In your daily routine especially girls use powder brushes for makeup touch but this brush is also used for multipurpose like cleaning keyboard buttons and cell phone buttons so that you can make your small thing multipurpose by using it in different dimensions.


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