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Facts About Coca-Cola They Do NOT Want You To Know

admin on February 26, 2015 - 8:59 pm in Ideas, Tips

Coca cola is the regular drink for people because it can cheer up the mood of person by drinking it after lunch and dinner it is also used to serve as the drink in front of guest it looks nice to serve to guest but there are certain things which we don’t know but they are the facts about coke we are using these facts are amazing because a coke has much uses even we don’t think about those uses in our daily routine but these uses are amazing to listen here are some uses of coke in our daily routine:


  • Window Cleaner: Coca cola also used for cleaning your window and glass of windows by pouring a cloth or duster into Coke and cleaning your window you can see the visible cleaning of your window with coca cola and it is amazing fact you have in daily routine.


  • Groomer: Coke is used as toilet cleaner and groomer if you put a coke into toilet and after sometime wash and flush out your toilet then you can see the clear change into your toilet your toilet will groom in just few minutes in this way the coke can be used in your daily routine work.


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