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Things you have been neglecting to clean

admin on June 13, 2015 - 2:46 pm in Tips

There are several things in your house that need your attention and you must clean them all regularly but in often instances; you neglect such things or neglect them while cleaning. If such items do not get service in time then these can turn out to be the ideal habitat for germs and diseases. Every member of a house is responsible for cleaning and group efforts can turn your home into a paradise for you. Here are certain things you have been neglecting to clean in your daily routine:

  • Bed pillows: Some housewives and mothers are not aware about the importance of washing pillows every week or at least after a month because they may consider their pillows clean due to less usage. But bed pillows can become habitat for injurious bacteria and viruses. It is recommended that housewives should wash the pillows every week and if not then at least after an interval of one month to provide their family with calm and safe sleep, free of germs.
  • Trash cans: Trash cans don’t mean that these are just bins to gather thousands and thousands of germs in the form of trash but these bins need extra cleanliness. Trash bins contain lot of germs and dirt which becomes haunt for numerous fatal bacteria and viruses for different diseases. So, these trash bins must be cleaned regularly to keep your home clean and free of sicknesses.
  • Toothbrushes: You must also clean your toothbrushes by soaking them into vinegar for the purpose of cleaning because these are an easy home for sustenance of detrimental diseases. These bacteria and viruses are dangerous for your overall health as they flow into your body through your oral cavity. You must replace your tooth brush every month but replacing your toothbrush every month doesn’t mean that they don’t need cleanliness regularly.
  • Toothbrush holders: You must also sterilize your toothbrush holders in your daily routine because they also encompass germs in them which may because infections. You can use your old brush to clean your toothbrush holders with soda and vinegar.
  • Remote controls: Remote control is one shared item that everyone does use in a home and it passes through many hands. So, remote controls can become carrier of germs if not sterilized regularly. Usually, kids are after remote controls and if it is contaminated then it can risk their health.
  • Hair brushes: You must also clean your hair brushes because your hair brush also acts as a carrier for germs and it can cause hair bacterial infections. Hairs which got stuck in it can be removed with the help of hair pin but hair brushes should be washed and sterilized to eradicate prospects of hair infections.
  • Washing machine: The purpose of washing machine is to wash clothes but it doesn’t mean that there is no need to clean your washing machine. It must be cleaned and sterilized after sometime or at least after a season.
  • Carpets: You must also clean your carpets with vacuum cleaners because carpets can turn out to be an easy habitat for dangerous bacteria and viruses. These unseen microorganisms can create serious skin infections and fatal diseases.
  • Sink drains: If your sink is blocked due to some reasons and drainage is not possible then you cannot leave it like this and you will surely clean it. But even if it is not blocked; do clean it once in a week by using the mixture of vinegar and soda.
  • Cutting board: Cutting board is another important regular item in your kitchen but many of us ignore it while cleaning. We must need to clean our cutting board after using it with lemon and salt to eradicate germs and bacteria.
  • Vacuum filters: You must also clean your vacuum filters in dish washer because our ignorance can help in augmentation of dirt and germs in it.
  • Reusable bags: A plastic bag can be used again and again for different purposes but if you use it for one purpose and then again for another purpose without cleaning then it can create serious health issues. So, do clean the plastic bags whenever you use them.
  • Door mates: If you are using door mates without washing and cleaning then these may contain bacteria and viruses in them. So, you must clean your door mates on daily basis to keep them clean and hygienic. Dusted and darted door mates can create skin infections in your feet as well as these unseen bacteria and viruses in mates can fabricate other serious infections
  • Bathroom exhaust fan: You must also clean your bathroom exhaust fan weekly or monthly to remove dust, dirt and maggots because dirty exhausts are an easy prey for germs. Accumulation of these germs can create nasal infections as contaminated air will flow into your bathroom. So, don’t forget to clean your exhaust fans regularly.
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