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8 Budget Kitchen Lighting Ideas

admin on June 6, 2015 - 4:31 pm in Home & Kitchen, Ideas

The kitchen is the main part in the house. To make kitchen looks more efficient. Adding lights to your kitchen that gives a new look to your kitchen. Here I discuss 8 important kitchen lighting ideas that are not expensive but affordable and in budget. First idea is adding stick on lights. Stick and Click is a quick and easy light system. Just peel it from cover and stick it where there is no source of light like drawer and cupboard corners anywhere in the kitchen you want. Click it to lighten up all your dark spaces. Its price is reasonable only $10. It is best way to light up small dark places in your kitchen.

Second idea is using a portable fixture with customizable function. This is the device light that has many functions in one mini device. A battery that is used to operate this device. This device contains 9 LED. Motional sensor is also part of this device. You can change the brightness up or down by clicking on switch. This device is perfect for dim chambers in your kitchen. Its price is only $14. It is so easy to use. It is so cheap everyone can easily buy it.

Third idea is installing LED rope lighting. Its shape is rope type that has LED lights. This device is used as decorative lighting for every application. It is flexible and easy to attach in your kitchen. This device is also stretchable. Its length is 48 inches. In market it is available in different colors any color you want in your kitchen. LED bulbs that are used in this device use about 1 watt of energy. This device is attractive and mostly used in front cabinets. Its price is about $25. This device gives the new look to your kitchen.

Fourth one is to swap a plain ceiling light for more than one. In old times lights simply fall straight single on the ground. But now this light is updated version and in it light is more than one. It is changeable model that allows you to adjust the light where you actually want to see. “IKEA’s Tived light” that has many arms each contain bulb at the tip that you intent to see like eating area, on dining area anywhere it suits. Its price is $70. It looks like a fountain that spread lights. It gives different look to your kitchen.

Fifth idea is use plug in wall sconces. It gives shape like a taper shade. It is a light that gives decorative look to your kitchen. It looks so decent on your walls of kitchen. It is easy to fix it on the wall. It is little bit expensive but gives elegant look to kitchen. Its one disadvantage is that their straps hang down. So you have to find ways to put in a hole to hide these straps unfold. Its price is about $79. It is little bit expensive but change the look of your kitchen.

Sixth idea is bringing in an eye catching lamp. It only looks like a lamp. It is the best way to lighten up your kitchen. A lamp that gives fuzzy shine to the decoration. It can cover counter and shelf spaces of the kitchen. Lamp is usually used in kid’s room. It is hard to find this model. It is not easily available in every shop. The tube table lamp is designed for rooms and boards. It is available in both styles small and big both size. It is expensive in worth its price in market is $120.

Seventh idea is hanging pendent ceiling light on the roof. This idea is updated for kitchen decorations. Hang the light with pendant through the roof that lightens up the whole area of the kitchen. This model can be used for every style of kitchen. It gives the look to the old tradition. You can make it easily. It is easily available in market. Its price in the market is $194. It is affordable. If you want to make your kitchen more attractive so must try this model. It is so useful.

Eighth idea is that you have to replace your old lights with a monorail kit. It is new in the market. This lighting idea is similar to the railing model that is mostly used in windows. It is the updated version available in the market. It is more flexible. You can move lights just like in railing phenomena. In this model you can hang 5 lights at a time through lumens. It is versatile and expensive. It is easily available in markets. Its price is about $240. Now a day this idea of lighting is so common. So if you want to make your kitchen more beautiful must try this idea of lighting.

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