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Awesome Tips to Make Your Stuff Last Longer

admin on June 23, 2015 - 2:35 am in Tips

Our life becomes busy nowadays. People do not have time to go to market daily to buy the kitchen stuff. Therefore they buy a large amount of stuff for two to three months. Though this is a good way to store the stuff for a long time. But when you store food stuff for long time, it does not endure that freshness and starts spoiling after some time. Like if you buy onions and garlic and then store those for two to three months; the onions and garlic will not be as fresh as bought and you may not even be able to use those. To get rid of this problem; we will tell you some trick to store food stuff for long time.

  • Onions and garlic can be preserved for long time by using a brown paper bag

Usually people store onion and garlic in plastic bins. After some days;both these elements start smelling and become useless. Therefore, to preserve them for long time; use the brown paper bags withholes. The paper bagsare very useful to store the vegetables. The holes on paper bags are useful for air circulation for maintenance of vegetable freshness for longer duration.

  • Flowers can be fresh for a long period by the use of vodka and sugar

To keep alive a bunch of flowers for a long time; you should add a cup of vodka to the water. It will preservethe flowers from bacteria, andalso add some sugarin it to maintain the sweet smell. Sugar is useful in growth of the flowers as it is source of food for the flowers.

  • Spongeswill be fresh for the long time if you cut them into half

Most of the people cut the sponges to save their money. As the size of sponge is big, you can use it twice by cutting it. Half of the piece can be used now and the second half can be used after some days.In this way you can use one sponge for longtime.

  • Razor can be use for a long time, if you put baby oil on it before use as it helps to save razor from rust

By putting baby oil on you razor, you will be able to use your razor for long time. Baby oil helps in prevention of rust.

  • Cover the lettuce with atissue paper to preserve it for a long time

People love to eat salad.Therefore, they want to preserve them for long period of time. Here is the simple tip to store the lettuce for weeks. Putt the lettuce in bowl and putt a paper towel on it to absorb the moisture, cover it and put in to fridge. Lettuce will preserve for long time.

  • Cover the tops of banana bunch with plastic shopper and put it separate from other fruits

Bananas spoil after two or three days. But you can preserve them for long time by using a plastic wrap.Cut a small piece of plastic and wrap it on the top of banana. You will enjoy your fruit for weeks.


  • Use shampoo fewer to save your hair and money

As you know that washing your hair daily is not possible. However, some people need to wash their hairs everyday as their hairsbecomegreasy. Now we have found a solution of this problem. Use dry shampoo that is best for the oily hair. By using this shampoo you do not need to wash your hair daily. In this way you can save your hairs and money.

  • Use vinegar on your nails before nail polish and it will stay for a long time

Mostly girls want that the nail polish on their nails stay for the long time. Here is a best tip to help you for making nail polish long lasting.Put small amount of vinegar on your nail before putting polish. It will help out to keep the nail polish on your nails for longer duration.

  • Polyurethane is the best spray for long life of wicker furniture

Wicker furnitureis recurrently used in summer. To use the furniture for the long time;you should spray it with polyurethane.

  • Attach your old soap with new one

Most of the time people waste the silver as they do not bother to use the small piece of soap. But to save your money and reuse of the old soap, we will give you a simple tip. Soak the new bar and put the old one on it. Let it dry, after some time you will see a new fresh soap.

  • Phone battery can last longer if you turn off the background apps

There are many tips which will help you to save your phone battery for the long time like switching off your location tracking app, dim your screen etc.

  • Buy barriers at Costco for cheaper in bulk and freeze half right away

You can save your money by freezing the barriers in fridge. This is very useful for them people of middle income.

  • Tea bags can be used for different purpose

Most of the people throw out the tea bags after using them once. You can use them for many other purposes after using once.Put them in fridge, after sometime use it for other purpose like removing dark circles around your eyes or for gardening.

  • UseLED and compact florescent light bulbs

To save energy and money;you should use LED and florescent lightbulbs. These are helpful in cutting down your electricity expense.

  • You can make a new candle from the wick of old one

A new candle can be produced by use of the wick of the old candle.

  • You can save your money by making your own laundry soap

By the combination of bleach and a soap bar. You will make your laundry soap for the entire year.

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