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Awesome Parenting Hacks For Hassle-Free Parenting

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Most of parents do their best to make their child happy. However, they are struggling hard nowadays to spare some time for their young ones. They are unable to do so because of busy routine life but even then their kids are always busy in messing around and parents clean it again and again. The children always ask for new things and the parents are always busy in buying toys for the kids. It is very hard for parents to manage their budgets but they always try to keep their kids happy. Therefore, we will tell you about some life hacks that will help you to make your infants happy for an affordable cost.Followings are some parenting hacks:

  • Magnet cups

Using magnet cups is the best way to get rid from washing too many cups daily as children do not use one cup alone at a time.Use of magnet cups can help you in getting rid of too much washing.

  • Plug up the holes in rubber bath with hot glue

The bath toy sare one of the most important elements which have to be clean all the time. If they are not clean then there is danger of germs and such germs can spread many diseases.To get rid from this problem; you should use hot glue and put it into the bath toy.It will keep the bath toy cleaner for long time.

  • Keep lint rollers in the craft room

Mostly children throw glitter everywhere and on everyone. To avoid such condition, you should use a lint roller which picks all the glitter easily.

  • Baby mop

To save your children from germs; buy a baby mop suit for your baby. It keeps your baby safe from germs.

  • For food tray, shower candy is the best option

When you go on a family trip;children usually love to eat something throughout the journey.  Shower candy is one of the best items to keep in your purse and greet them on the way.

  • A cap for shower

Your kids are too young and their eyes are very sensitive. So, to save your child’s eyes from soap as they take bath; use a shower hat. By using this hat; your kid enjoys bathing.

  • Rubber band is best for youngsters to grip the pencil

Most of the children are not able to grip the pencil in their early age. You should use a rubber band to help them grip the pencil easily.

  • Use a bottle for extension

Mostly young infants aren’t able to reach the faucet for washing their hands. You should cut the bottle of lotion and fix it with the tap.So, children can easily reach the tap water.

  • Sneak alarm

This is a good way to have an eye on your child. Sometimes, children in their teenage go outside during late nights. This alarm alerts you about all activities of your child.

  • Forget me not mittens

Usually children do not bother to wear gloves in winter. You should make sure that whenever your child goes outside;the mitten should be with him/her. Tell them daily that,do not forget to wear gloves.

  • Baby scooter stroller

Using a baby scooter stroller while you go out for a walk with your child is the best way to entertain as it is a kind of exercise for you and a fun activity for your child. It is a good way to spend some quality time with your infant

  • The dot method for helping you and your kids to organize their clothes

It is very difficult for the parent to differentiate clothes of their children, when they have a pair or three infants. You waste plenty of time while sorting out your baby’s clothes. To get rid from thisproblem, use a simple method. Putsome dots on the cloth accordingly, and make your life ease. Do easy sorting.

  • Sticker clues for shoes

Most of the youngsters do not have the sense to wear the shoes properly. As they are too young and cannot differentiate between left and right shoes. Help them by cutting a sticker. Put half piece in one shoe and the second half in another shoes to help them decide the right shoes for right foot.

  • Make a stair slide

To make your child happy and busy in playing; you can use a cardboard and make a stair slide for him/her. By doing this you can keep them busy and also do your work without any disturbance.

  1. Use a lock to keep kids from getting into electrical accidents
  • As we all know that children love playing with electric appliances. To keep your child away from electrical accidents; use locks in the areas where electricity passes

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