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How to make your own teacup garden

admin on July 15, 2015 - 4:43 am in Garden, How To

Big or small, in a yard or on a balcony, it doesn’t matter because we all love gardens. Living in a house and having a big backyard is truly a blast because you can make your own mini heaven on Earth, but, no worries, because even if you live in a small flat you can still have a garden. Living in an a urban jungle can be a real challenge and sometimes, after hard day working or studying all need is to relax in your garden. If you have balcony make yourself a small garden few pot with flowers, a cozy chair and a cup of tea is enough to forget about the stressful day. But, some people don’t have that fortune to own even the smallest balcony, but we still have a solution, a very cute and easy to do solution. If don’t have a yard or balcony, but you really want a garden, then your perfect choice is the teacup garden. All you need is to find that glamorous vintage tea sea and run to the garden store to get seeds for flowers that don’t grow too big. It is so easy to make a garden, even if it is small and packed in teacups. Basically, you will use the old teacups as planters. And after your teacup garden is ready you can place it on the window frame, on a table or even on a book shelve, but make sure that they got enough sunlight.

Creating a teacup garden is very enjoyable, because it doesn’t acquire a lot of hard work and the result is stunning.

A hand of soil mix with some compost put is teacup is all you need to plant succulents, those tiny and colorful plants. To prepare the cup for planting, with a tiny drill you need to make few holes of the bottom. Then add handful of small pebbles to help water drainage. At the end, chose few succulents in different colors and plant then in your teacup. The succulents don’t need too much care, so they are perfect for your tiny garden project.

Also, in your teacup garden you can plant some aromatic herbs. They are awesome choice because, not only that they are pretty and will spread their aroma thru the home, you can really use them to make your meals tastier. And, there is no better ingredient than fresh picked one, right? The procedure is the same, just need to get the right seeds.

In your teacups you can also plant mini cactuses, they will fit perfectly in your colorful cups and don’t need lot of water for growing. This cactuses in a teacup are perfect decoration for the tables or you can even get one for your office desk.


I you want to add little green in your small home then plant grass in the old teacup. The fresh and green grass work perfectly in cups with floral design. The panting procedure is the same, but when the grass is too big, just cut the top parts.

Now you know how to create your own teacup garden with tiny flowers, grass and herbs.


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