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Things you never knew you could put in the washing machine

admin on July 24, 2015 - 1:37 am in Hacks, Ideas, Tips

The world is progressing day by day. Everyday there is invention of new technology. The main purpose of such inventions is to give comfort to the people as most of the people always search for easy ways that give them more comfort. Let’s take the example of washing machine; it is very helpful in washing our most of the wearing stuff. Most of the people do not really know that what kind of stuff, they can put in washing machine other than clothes. Here we will tell you about some bizarre washable stuff in washing machine.

  • Gross curtains can be washed in washing machine

Most of the time it happens that, people throw out their dirty curtain as they cannot wash them by hand. But now by the help of washing machine; you can easily wash your curtains and use them for a long time.

  • Backpack is washable in washing machine.

The backpacks are made up of polyester and so it is washable. You can easily wash the backpack within a minute in your washing machine.

  • Washing machine can wash the sneakers

Day by day our life gets busy and we do not have time to wash each and every thing by hand. Therefore, there are some washing machines which are helpful in washing you sneakers as well.

  • Washing machine has the capacity to wash the yoga mat

It is very common nowadays that people do not bother to wash anything by hand.Therefore, the manufacturershave introduced washing machines that can easily wash the heavy stuff such as Yoga mat and other products.

  • The washing machine has design to wash pillows and bed covers

It is very important that your pillows and bed cover should be clean and if they are not washed properly then germs cancreate different diseases. It is difficult to clean and wash your bed covers and pillows on hand but the manufacturers have designed the washing machines in such a way that they can easily wash the pillows and bed covers.

  • Dogs always put some dirt on your bed

People who love pet animals; their bedsare always full of germs. So, it is important to wash your bed every day. It is not possible for the people to wash their bed stuffs daily by hand.Therefore, they use washing machine for this purpose.

  • A less expensive way to wash your car mats

Most of the time people take their car to the service market for washing. Here is a simple and less expensive way that can save your time and money as well. Just put the car mats in your washing machine for some time and take out the mates you will get the clean mats at your own place.

  • Curtains are washable in Washing Machine

It happens most of the time that though you clean your curtains daily with a duster but the curtains do not look as clean and fresh as new. So, to see ultimate freshness in your curtains; you should put them into your washing machine and rinse with a good detergent.Your curtains will give fresh and new look.

  • The white bed covers in Washing Machine

You use the white color bed sheet or bed cover. It needs more wash and it is not possible to wash it by hand daily so washing machine is best option for it.

  • The playing stuff of kids should always be clean

Children play with different toys at different places. Toys get germs which are very harmful for the kids. Therefore the playing stuff should be wash daily by the use of washing machine.

  • Useable bags are washable in washing machine

Mostly people use the shopping bags again and again. Sometime people put the bags on floor or somewhere, where they get germs so before use wash them properly.

  • Toys which are made of soft plastics are washable.

The small kids put the soft toys in their mouth so the toys should be washing again and again.

  • Small toys can wash by putting them in a pillow case

Very small toys can wash in a washing machine by putting them in the cases of pillow. As the toys are very small so they may break down the machine, therefore they put them in a case.

  • Bath mats and bathtub mats put in washing machine to fix them

The bath mats and bathtub mats get moldy; to fix them, put them in washing machine. The washing machine washes them properly.

  • Cushions of chairs can wash by the washing machine

It is a common problem that or chair cushion catch the dust quickly. So it is important to wash them most of the time so Washing machine plays a vital role in washing these stuffs.


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