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Lazy ways to clean your Home-No elbow grease needed

admin on August 10, 2015 - 7:44 am in Hacks, Tips

People love to see their home clean and clear, but most of the people do not have much time to clean their home daily. As they are too lazy to organize things in a proper way. Therefore they are always searching for some lazy tips that help them to clean their home quickly. Here are some common lazy tips which are very easily to do.

  • Dish brush can be used to clean shower

It is very common that people use the sponges for many purposes. Like to wash dish, to wash microwaves, to wash shower. This is because people save their time by using a single sponge for multi purposes.

  • Lint roller is easy to carry.

Most of the people use lint roller to clean lamb shades, as the lint roller is easy to carry.

  • Divide your work in days

Most of the people are too lazy to do too much work in a day, therefore they break down their work in parts and each day they do a little bit work like first day wash the cloths and mop the floor and next day organize the things etc.

  • Put the stuffs in a specific place which you use daily

It is usually happened that whenever you are going somewhere and you are in hurry, you do not find your stuff on time, so to get rid from this problem, put all the stuff that are used by you daily in a specific place. For example, put your hair brush tooth brush tooth paste and face wash in a same place.

  • Coffee filter may be used for different purposes

Most of the people throw out the coffee filter as they think it is useless. But some wise people use the filter to clean TV and computers etc, as the filter is very soft so you can easily cleans you TV screen with it.

  • A simple way to clean sliding window tracks

It very simple to cleans you windows whenever it gets dirty. Take a sponge or wet cloth and just start to wash the windows you will find the outstanding result. You can compare your window after and before by making a photograph.

  • Mop is very useful for cleaning purposes.

Mop is very useful as it is easy to swipe the mop on the areas where you find dust and it can easily clean the dirty area with a minute.

  • Vinegar is useful in cleaning you shower

Most of the time it happens that, you shower gets dirty and there is no proper flow of water. There is a very easily tip to clean your shower, just cover the head of the shower with a plastic bag fill with vinegar and leave it for a night. Your shower will clean and clear.

  • Removal of strains.

To remove strain use the best quality paid so you will comfortable everywhere. By using such stuff you can save the money as well.

  • Car wax can be use as a shiner

You can use car wax for multi purposes. As it is very useful in shining and cleaning. Therefore you can use the car wax to clean and shine your appliances. Like to shine your table, LED fridge and many more.

  • It is not necessary to wash muffin pan again and again

Most of the lazy women do not bother to wash the muffin pan again and again. So they cover the pan with aluminum folk and put the cupcakes on it and bake the muffins and remove the cups and use it again. By using this tip you do not need to wash you muffin pan again and again.

  • Toaster can be use many time without wash it

Mostly people don’t wash their toaster oven daily. They cover the plate of roaster oven with aluminum folk and use it many times.

  • The toilet brush pain always needs a cleaning product.

The toilet brush pan gets germs most of the time. Therefore it is necessary that there should be some cleaning product.

  • Ammonia is very useful in cleaning you stove burner

Most of the time it happens that the stove burner gets dirty because of too much use or not cleans daily and there is rust on it. To remove the rust ammonia is very beneficial.

  • Vinegar and baking soda is very useful in cleaning dishes

It is usually happen that while cooking something you burn the food and you pan gets a black layer on it. To remove such black layer vinegar and baking soda play a vital role. By using these you will find a new pan.

  • A simple way to clean your microwave

It is very simple to clean your microwave by using a cup of vinegar and water.dip a piece of cloth on it and just clean the microwave.


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