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Refinish your table, easy and simple

admin on July 4, 2014 - 5:12 pm in Ideas, Tips

Refresh your tableYou need a new table or you just want to give new look to old one you already have, but you don’t really have the budget for a new shopping trip? Well, we have the solution, just do it yourself. If you have an old table this spring give it a new look, with some remodeling and repainting. All you need is few tool, some skills, colors and brushes. Restoring is awesome way to save money and keep the good old furniture that has a strong emotional value. Tables play huge role in the home, the whole family gathers for lunch or dinner, maybe playing some board games or having guests. So, you must have a nice and big table, recommendable a wooden one, because classic is the best choice.To restore an old table or just refinish one is very simple and you can do it in your yard or garage in just few easy steps.

You need to start with preparing the table for the reconstruction. The first step is to clean it with a cloth and remove all dust or dirt.

After that you need to sand the table to remove the finish. To do this you need a heavier grit sandpaper. You can find in the carpenter stores. Get in three different sizes so you can finish with smooth surface. Start with 100-grit, then use 10-grit and to smother the table use the final 220-grit paper. Remember to use gloves and safety gaggles. Then gently with plastic scraper remove the stripper from the table. The final step in the preparation is to sand the wood when you remove the old finish.

The next step is to use medium or fine-grit sandpaper to remove any leftovers from the old finish and smother the wooden surface.

Then you have to decide whenever you want to stain or paint the table.

If you want to stain the old table use a paint brush and to make it even thru the whole surface. If you have any drips remove them immediately before the dry out and then make the surface lumpy. If you are not satisfied with the look of the table, add another coat of stain.

If you want to paint the table first choose the color wisely and try to match with the other furniture. Also, you can use that color to repaint the chairs, so you can have a whole set in your dining room or in the patio in the same color. Then carefully with a paint brush apply the paint on the table. After it is dried a bit, add another coat of paint. Let it dry few hours according to the paint you use.

After that that add a coat of clear polyurethane or paste wax because like that you will add extra protection on your table.

Before you start painting check if the table legs are strongly attached. If they are not, put few nails to make the table sure and safe.

When is dried for about 24 hours your new/old table is ready and you can serve the delicious dinner.

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