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10 crazy, funny & romantic ways to propose

admin on July 7, 2014 - 7:05 pm in Ideas

Asking the big question is huge step and it is life changing decision. Asking someone to marry you is amazing, but also frightening and scary. But, if you are sure in the love of your partner, than no needs to be afraid of the answer, for sure it would be yes. Traditionally, the man is the one who is getting down on one knee and with stunning ring asks “Will you marry me? ” If she says yes, then the lucky manneeds to put the engagement ring on the ring finger on the left hand, and stays there forever and ever. Thru the centuries the customs have changed, but the purpose is the same. These days’ people are attempting to do the best proposal ever. From romantic dinners, and putting the ring in the glass with champagne or the dessert, lovely proposal on sunset or sunrise, to flash mobs or public proposal. There so many ways, some romantic, other more crazy and creative, some avanturistic, all depended on what your loved one prefers. Surprises are most common when it comes to proposals, because they all want to make something that their future wife will remember her whole life. If you are planning to get down on your knee and ask her to be your love till the death tears you apart, here are few amazing, some romantic, some totally crazy and awesome way to propose.

The fortune cookie is awesome way to pop the big question. Write it on a piece of paper and wrap it around the ring and with the help of a chef put it in the fortune cookie. For sure, she will not expect it there and that will be the best cookie she ever had.

If you are both in to sports or the sports filed is the place where you first met, then is would be awesome to ask her to marry you right there. Ask your and her family to help you by holding the big banner with her name and the “Will you marry me” or ask her on the big screen during the brake.

If she love chocolates, then that is how you can propose to her. Ask in a candy shop if the can make chocolate letters or may be big chocolate cake and hide the ring there, hopefully she will find it while eating.

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Write the question on the bottom of her coffee mug, let her be surprised when she finishes her morning coffee.


Very bold, but yet so unique and crazy romantic proposal is to do it by tattooing her name and the big question. Not everyone is up for this suggestion, but why not? Then maybe together you can get a tattoo of your wedding rings.

Ask her I a club, she will think that is just another night dancing, but ask the DJ to give you the microphone and pop the question in front of everybody while playing your song.

If she loves to read, get a note with the question and hide it in the book, simple, but cute.

While she is sleeping put the ring on her finger and when she wakes up wait her with glass of champagne and cake.

Get a glow in a dark spray and write the question on the celling of your bedroom. When you turn off the lights all you can hear is her screaming and saying “Yes”

A picnic is so romantic way to propose, flowers, wine, sun and shiny ring on sunset.


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