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Natural ways from saving your dog from fleas

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dogbathDogs, there are our furry pals, always ready to cheer us up, loyal and cute, perfect for cuddling and walking. Dogs are more than pets, they are friends or family members. They like little persons, they need constant care, proper food and playing time, and not to forget, they love to cuddle. And kids love pets, especially little and cute puppies because they are perfect companions, they can play together and the kids will learn more about responsibilities. And also, dog are the best and the most loyal guardians to the family. Playing and walking the dog is the fun part of keeping a pet, the hard part is to keep them healthy. Dogs worst enemy are the fleas and you need to prevented them catching on its body and coming in your home. And since the weather is nice this spring and soon to be summer you will spent a lot of time in the nature, running around in the grass and playing with other dogs, are that are potential and dangerous place for getting fleas. Fleas can be very dangerous, these blood sucking parasites not only that are annoying, but they can also cause pains and serious diseases that can harm yours and your dog health. Along with the chemical products you can buy from the pet shops you can protect your furry friend using natural methods. The more you care about the dog and preventing him catch fleas, you are your pet will be much happier.

The first stop is having a clean home because thoroughly cleaning the house or flat will help to prevent and eliminate fleas.  Use vacuum to clean all the carpets, rugs and curtains every time the dogs come after a walk in the park or the playground. If you have some flea powder, put in the vacuum machine so it will destroy them instantly.

Wash the dog bedding every week to prevent the fleas spreading on its body or your home. After you wash it put is a really hot dryer for disinfection.

Bathing the dog is the most useful way to prevent the fleas. All you need is water and some mild soap. Give your dog nice bath with lot of foam and let the soap kill the fleas. Also, groom your dog regularly. Get a flea comb from the pet shop.


Make your own flea-shampoo. These insects hate citrus fruits. So, slice a lemon and add the slices in a two cups of bowling water. Mix it well and leave it overnight. Than you can use this homemade shampoo to sponge your dog after a walk and it will destroy all the fleas.

Purchase flea-trap, like than you can destroy them more easily. Place them in your lawn and catch these enemies. But, still be careful because these traps only catch the adults fleas, not the larva that they leave.

Healthy diet will help your dog to protect itself from the fleas. So, feed your pet with balanced food rich in nutrients. You can add some apple cider vinegar to it diet, because it will make its skin less appealing for the fleas.

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