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Basic tips for first time gardeners

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Gardens, don’t you love them? They are perfect for relaxing after hard day working or studying, playing with the kids, reading a book in late afternoon with a cold lemonade, call your friends for a party or barbecue, place for your pets to run around, picking fresh vegetable, fruits or herbs…and so much more! Garden are true joy, and even though they acquire some time and effort, it is all worth when you that amazing landscape and magical combination of flower, trees and plants. Gardening can be a profession or a hobby, it is your choice to make. Well, if you want gardening to be your hobby, then here are few tips to help you start your garden.

You need to start with deciding what kind of garden you want, so is it going to be just decorative with lots of plants, flowers and grass, or is it going to be vegetable, so you have all that natural yummy goodies fresh in your yard, or maybe combination of them two? The best is to have a combination. If you have space, divided it and create a floral magic for relaxing and enjoying and a sunny spot for planting fruits and vegetables. But remember that vegetable garden acquires much more time and hard work.

The secret for good garden is the soil. So, before planting you need to prepare the soil. The best way to do that is with adding natural or homemade compost and fertilizer. And the best homemade compost in made by recycling your kitchen waste. If you don’t know how to make it, just get some from the garden store.

Make a list of what plant you want in your garden, like you will know how to adjust the soil to the plant needs. Also, you need to know it the plant need sun or shade and when is the right time to plant it.

Most common is to prepare your soil during the autumn, the before the frost in winter or after the frost in spring the plant the seeds, that deepen on the plant. After the frost you can star planting plant that have already start to grow indoor, so you just need to transfer them outsides and they can bloom in spring and be perfect in summer. These rule in mostly for vegetables.

Also you will need to learn more about pruning, because some plants and most of the trees need to be pruned so they can grow stronger and healthier.

Every worked needs is tools, and that applies for the gardeners too. As a first time gardener there are few must have tools that you need for digging, cleaning, planting, pruning and caring about all your plants. So, before start you garden have a trip to the store and get shovel, spade, leaf rake, smaller hand rake, water breaker, hose, watering can,  gardening knife, scissors and hand pruner.

Also don’t forget to protect yourself, so get a proper gloves, rubber and fabric, waterproof boots and nice and big hat that will protect you from the sun while working in your lovely garden.


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