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Why you should learn how to sew?

admin on May 8, 2014 - 10:48 pm in DIY, Ideas

sewingWhen you think of sewing, you always think of how hard is it, or boring and not for you, but everyone admires a nicely sewed piece, and the labor for doing it. Many families have the so called handy sewing machines at home,which they use from time to time to sew some ribbon stitches. Some of them find amusement or relaxation in doing this and continue to do over their home just by changing the drapes, pillows or bedding. You can freshen up your entire interior just by changing some of these things, and believe me, you’ll be very proud of your work and admire it every  time you put a glance on it. And when you feel like you’re assort of on the ball of it you can get yourself a real sewing machine.

At first you can feel insecure or reluctant about sewing, but that will be your blessing in disguise. Not only you can save up money for making some things by your own, but also you’ll use your own creativity and redone everything according to your own style, not much of which can be found in the shops. Your friends will be amazed by the new look you’ve brought into your home, and by the labor you’ve made. You’ll feel so proud about yourself. At first you might feel a bit insecure for something not to be ripped while someone is visiting that will make you embarrassed. But, no worries, that’s hard to happen. You can even make a classy garden by decorating the benches or rocking chairs with colorful pillows or blankets.

The season can be inside your home. You can make different accessories for each season, and you’ll always follow up the trend without having to spend money on these things which usually cost an arm and a leg. Actually, you’ll bring back the money you’ve invested in the sewing machine when making the first few stitches. It’s the best investment not only for your home, but you’re your family also. Why not  make your own designer clothes. With practice you can learn to do just everything with it, and will thank the one who invented this thing.

You can try and make your own costumes for you and your family for Halloween. Not a big deal at all. Just remember to think on and calculate the length of the fabric for each piece you want to sew first. Do  good measuring in your head or write it down, and then cut it well. Nothing goes just like that. Everything you do in life must be well thought in order to achieve high results.

It’s not for everyone, of course. You’ve got to have the nerves to do this. And some lack of patience and backpedal before making their first successful piece. But, be patient,and bold. What firstly looks like a bite too big for you to chew, can easily transform into a nicely sewed piece as if it were from a shop.

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