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Daily routines for cleaner home

admin on April 25, 2014 - 9:11 pm in Home & Kitchen, Ideas

Having a clean home is every woman dream, especially in they are working and taking care for the kids and the household in the same time. When you a mother with one or more kids and having a job is pretty hard to have the home always neat and clean. And, of course, the free weekends, the two days you have to spent with the family or just have some rest and time to relax, you need to spend them cleaning all the home. But, the busy moms around the world share their experiences, and according to them, daily routines are the ones that will help you in maintaining your home and life too. Routines such as morning procedure and getting ready, cleaning the counters in the kitchen every night, clean sinks in the kitchen and in the bathroom and the help of the whole family to clean up the home. To have your home clean all the time you really need the help from your family, the husband and the kids, even if they are young, cleaning their toys and book is enough help for you. And the younger you teach them to help you, the better for them and you. To be effective and fast in the same time, use these tips to make your own daily cleaning routine and have your home spotless and weekend free for fun with the family.

The morning routine is what every woman need to develop. Making the bed right after waking up and quick shower. Then dress up and easy make up. While you are dressing up collect the laundry and put it in the basket for the laundry day. And while the kids are up you have done much and you can start the breakfast or have your morning coffee. With the time you will be faster with your morning routine.

Clean sinks and your home is clean. It is said that if your sinks in the kitchen and the bathroom are clean than the whole room look cleaner. So, always have your sink clean, never leave dirty dishes and glasses or towels or hair in the bathroom. It take more the ten minutes to clean them up.

Cleaning time for the whole family. As we said, to keep your home clean you need help from your family. So, half an hour every night, mobilize your family for a fast clean up. Do the dishes, take out the garbage, kids can put all the items in their right place, quick bathroom clean up or paying more attention to the bedrooms, depends what room is more clutter and dirty.

And every night before going to bed clean the kitchen, because if the kitchen is clean you know that the next day you have less work in the household. Wash all the dishes, wipe off the counters and get final polish to the sink. In the morning the clean kitchen will be waiting for you to prepare breakfast.

And while the kids are getting ready for bed in the bathroom you can quickly clean it up, wipe the mirror or clean the sink. Easy, fast and simple.

Daily routines are lifesaver and help you keep your home always clean.


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