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How to be a better roommate

admin on May 24, 2014 - 11:33 pm in How To, Tips

Living with roommates, at first sound awesome, like e never-ending party, but in reality is much more difficult.  Most young people during or after college because of the financial status chose to leave with roommates. Although to most people living with roommate sounds awesome, thinking that that is like having parties all the time, long night drinking or playing computers games and just doing whatever they what, living with roommates is a big challenge. Sometimes is easy to find a roommate, usually best friends, maybe cousins or colleagues from university or work. But, sometimes you just move in with total stranger, and you need to be very careful. Living with roommates it is fun, you always have someone to talk with or have coffee, to share meal and of course split the bills, but sometimes you just want to be alone. When you have to leave with only one or maybe few roommates you need to adjust yourself and your needs and habits according to theirs so you can all run smoothly, and also, they should do the same with you. Living with roommates and being a good roommate means that you need to make compromise for most of the things and activities in the home and respect them. And remember that the key to being a good roommate is communication. So, if you have to share the home with few more people, here is how to be a better roommate and avoid unnecessary arguments.


Respect is the first on the list of being good roommate. First you need to respect their privacy and to go in their room and thru their possessions. If your roommate is sick or has an exam, you have to respect their need of silence and don’t play loud music or invite friends over.

Pay your share, fairly and on time, always. Living with roommates is not living for free, so you need to pay your part for the rent, household bills and when your order some pizza at night.

When you live with few people or even just one roommate, for sure you will touch or use some of their staff or drink their milk. But, you need to remember to replace what you borrow from then or drink or eat. Also, if you accidently brake something that in not yours you need to replaced it and apologize nicely too.

Cleaning is one of the main reason why roommates fight, so to avoid them always, but really always, clean after yourself, because your roommate it is not your maid. Clean your room, don’t leave dirty clothes or dishes. Great tip, make a schedule who is doing the dishes, taking the garbage out or wipe the dust.

Be pleasant with your roommates even when you are having a bad day, because it is not their fault you are in a cranky mood. Maybe a good contestation with them will help cheer up. Or you greed them and tell them you need same time in your room. And if you are in a good mood, share it with them.

Show your skills because everyone is good at something. For example if you are good in cooking that take that on you, and someone else can do the cleaning. Fair play for everyone.

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