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On which mistakes you need to pay attention when you will paint the outside of your house

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You have planned to renovate your house for some time now, but you are having short budget and you can’t call a specialist to do the job for you. This doesn’t have to be a reason for avoiding the whole process of renovation. You can paint the outside of your house all by yourself. All you have to do is to pay attention on the following mistakes and to try avoiding them.

Before you start painting the outside it is very important to know whether your house was previously painted with lead-based paint because this paint is very dangerous for your health. In order to see whether there is a lead-based paint on the walls you need to check under the final coat of paint. If it is your first time for painting the outside you can find information on the internet for the whole process of painting.

Many people, in the process of renovation, make mistakes when it comes to the choice of colors. Because different colors have different base it is relevant to know the base of the previously used color. If the paint is oil-based then you need to choose a color which is also oil-based, and if it is latex-based then you also need a latex-based color. In order to find out the base of the color you need to do is to pour a denatured alcohol on a towel and rub the wall with it. If there is a color left on the towel then the color is a latex-based color.

Cleaning the house is another thing which you have to do if you want to have a successfully finished job. The best tool for doing this is the power washer. Also, you can clean the surface with a garden hose and polish it with a car cleaning brush. Before you start cleaning the surface you need to remove the screens in order to wash the windows. It is very significant to leave the house for two or three days to dry completely before you start painting.

The time of preparation is the most important thing in the process of renovation. First you need to remove the peeling paint with a triangle scraper and sand the cleaned area with 120 grit glass-paper. Then clean all the dust with a dry paint brush and after that prime the wood with an exterior oil-based sealer. You need to remember not to put the brush on the side because the brush will dry out and the paint will drip down.

If you see some holes while you are working on the painting, caulk them with silicone. All you have to do is to clean the old caulk with the tip of the triangle scraper, then put a bead of caulk and smooth it with your finger. It is good if you have a can with water next to you where you can put your finger in order to avoid having the caulk dried on it.

In order to paint the high places you will need an extension ladder. Many people make a mistake with their placement. You need to remember to put the top tips of the ladder under the high points of the sidings; otherwise you will damage the raised areas and put a dent in the siding.

In the end, do the painting without rushing because, mostly, the outside of the house needs two layers of paint.


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