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How to make a homemade electric motor

admin on September 19, 2015 - 4:27 pm in Awesome

Electric motors are one among the foremost known inventions in science and technology. this can be largely supported the actual fact that a awfully sensible variety of machines or devices that move, use electrical motors to attain that movement. an electrical motor converts pronto accessible current into energy supported the principles of electromagnetism discovered by Faraday.

Motors are employed in varied applications like craft engines, fans, water pumps, and even electrical watches. in fact most of the motors employed in these applications area unit hi-tech and that we commonly wouldn’t expect to create them reception. however maybe you’ll conjointly build your own easy motor reception and see for yourself what Faraday saw once he discovered a number of the fascinating aspects of electromagnetism.

All you would like are some buckyballs, a copper wire and a AA battery. Have a glance.

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