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Fixing Five Common Running Injuries

admin on February 24, 2016 - 9:15 pm in Advices, Tips

The life is too busy and you remain at work from dawn to dusk to meet your needs and requirements. In such a busy life you find hard to keep your health at its best. The simplest exercise is running and you can do it early in the morning and can keep your health at the best.

Health is a great blessing of nature and you of course have planned different exercises to keep you fit and in good health. You love to go for morning walk and like running in the cool environment. As you do these different exercises you might face some problems regarding number of injuries. It is advised to be prepared before going for exercise like proper suit.

Some of the injuries that occur during running exercise discussed below with the ways of fixing them.

Shin Splints

Shin splint is tenderness in the shinbone and mostly found it runner with high mileage at too early in the morning. The 16 percent of the total injuries in runners are shin splints. The injury is much painful and you feel it in the foot. In order to fix this you need rest and ice. Moreover, you should back down your mileage, cut down your running time and use new shoes. Furthermore, you can recover your legs by adding them and giving them proper rest and cure. In addition, it is suggested to increase your mileage 10 percent a week in order to minimize this injury.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures mostly occur in tibia, fibula or foot. These are tiny fractures in bones. You can distinguish between shin splints and stress fractures easily. The stress fractures give you pain continuously even you are not at exercise. The stresses fractures are much painful and give you ache in your daily routine while you are not exercising. The best remedies to stress fractures are rest and take it till you recover. You have to cut down your mileage and need to lessen the running time to make you fit again for running. Take rest for six to eight weeks and then go for running to keep your health fit.

Planter Fasciitis

Planter Fascia is a tissue in foot. It elongates from heel to toe of the foot at the bottom side. In any kind of problem to this tissue, you feel stabling pain in the heel at the bottom of your foot at the time of running. In order to fix this issue, massage your foot on the tennis ball, it will strengthen the tissue and you get more mileage. Take flat route to have safe running and use good joggers for your foot. Changing shoes is another good option for better recovery.

Archilles Tendinitis

Archilles is large tendon that joints the two big calf muscles. You feel a stinging pain in heel when the Archilles tissue is overworked or fatigued with increase in activities. High pressure on the tendon results in pain in the calf muscles. In order to fix the problem you should take rest and quit training and exercise for a while. Moreover, ice is good option for better recovery.  Stretching calf muscle everyday is advised.

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s Knee is common issue in runners. This occurs due to different reasons like joggers and running over rough route. One or both the knee may face pain problems. In major cases, kneecaps feel pain due to heavy pressure on them. To fix this problem you need to cut down your mileage and take proper rest. Moreover proper stretching helps a lot. In addition strengthening the squads assist you in better way in fixing this issue. Wear a light weight kneecap reduces stress. Moreover, you should follow flat route to counter this issue of runner’s knee. You also may need to change your shoes, flat shoes are suggested.

Though you remain busy and hardly find time keep your health fit. Your choose running option to keep you fit and due to a little carelessness you get hurt and cause yourself in discomfort. The injuries mentioned above are severe and give you much pain and restlessness. So do take care while running and follow the steps and advises mentioned above.

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