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Strange Facts You Didn’t Know

admin on February 25, 2016 - 11:03 pm in Facts

Generally, we are curious and try find out thing and discover knowledge about plenty of things around us. We discuss with friends and family, search over internet, look for books and read magazines in order to enhance our knowledge. The curiousness bounds no limit.  Here are some secrets that you may not know, but now these will not be more secret to you as you are going to read about them right now.

  1. A number of Japanese schools do not have facility of janitors and custodians.

In Japanese schools, students are advised to make their school clean and dirt free as the schools lacks the services of janitors as well as custodians. In doing so the students at school become more responsible, pay attentions to cleanliness and respect each other. In fact they treat all equally.

    2.Honey Laundering

It is a cheaper practice of taking honey from cheaper and inexpensive sugar as well as syrups. Satirically, they have chosen a clever name. However, it is a dangerous practice. This kind honey leads to health hazards as the honey contains drugs or heavy metals which are dangerous for physical health.

   3.Thank You over Donating Blood

In Sweden, at the time when you donate blood to anyone you receive a text containing a thank you message to you. How good it is! You try to save someone’s life and as a result you get a positive response that makes you emotionally strong and you feel proud of your generosity.

   4.Outlaw Original Meanings

The true meaning of the word “outlaw” the one who is not in the protections of the law. Simple, outside the protection of law is outlaw. Satirically it means that anyone can rob or kill them with no legal repercussions.

   5.Kidney Transplant of Dog

In the United States you have to take kidney from a stray animal in order to transplant kidney to your dog if it needs. At the same time you have to take care of both the dogs in order to save the life of both the animals.

   6.Invention of High Heels

Butchers were the first who invented high heels. They used to wear shoes with high heels in order to avoid dirt and blood or the slaughtered animals on the ground. Later the fashion became popular among the ladies.

   7.More than two breasts!

Due to condition of polymastia some women have more than two breasts and it is not an uncommon thing.

   8.Tablets warning in Japan

In Japan there are some ancient stone tablets that warn you not to build your house below them. In 2011 the tsunami hit the Japan and those who ignored this sign of stone tablets got huge loss in the dangerous tsunami.

   9.Cats can drink sea water

Cats have highly efficient kidneys. Sea water is not for rehydration in general. However, they can rehydrate themselves by drinking sea water due to high efficiency of their kidney.

In 2013, a poling was held by Orlando Business Journal. The polling was meant for peoples’ feelings if the blackfish is changed. The majority of the respondents reported negative but later it was found that 55% of responses came from sea hosted IP address.

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