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Five simple tips for safe cruise

admin on July 11, 2014 - 2:06 am in Tips

cruiseIt is season of cruise, so if you still haven’t book one, hurry up! Cruising is fun and adventurous way to spend your holiday. Everything is organized for you and every morning you wake up in new place, exotic beach or famous city full with beauty waiting just for you! Cruises are becoming more and more popular every years and the ship are really floating cities, providing all sort of pleasures for the passengers. From gourmet restaurants, luxurious bars and clubs, spa for relaxing or gym for keeping the good shape, pools for the kids and hot tub for the adults, even water parks, exclusive boutiques and shops and much more. Most of the cruises are all inclusive and everything is already arranged and organized for you, meals, drinks, fun and entertainment. Your only job is to relax and enjoy the life on the sea. But, worth to mentions that the cruise ships are big, not big huge. More than ten floors, lots of room, dining areas, restaurants, bars, shops, decks and pools, and they can be quite confusing and scary. And in one cruise there is more than 2.000 passenger and crew is more than a 1.000, so it is pretty much people, so, you must be organized and keep yourself safe. To make sure that you will have time of your life on the amazing cruise here few tips to help you.

Always put your personal items, such as money, jewelry, documents, lap top and camera on safe place. Every cabin have a safe place or safe where you can leave them.

There are cruise for singles, but is better to go on a cruise with someone you know very well, like family, relative, friends or partner. Like that you will always have someone to watch your back when you are sun tanning without a sun cream, you have wild night drinking, maybe hitting the casino or going crazy in the shops.

Get a woki-toki. If you are going on a cruise with big family or large group of friends it is very smart to get few pairs of woki-toki, like that you can stay connected without huge telephone bills because of the roaming.

On the cruiser you can find a lot of different restaurants cooking all kind of national cuisines. But, since you are on board and the climate is change, your whole organism is slowly adapting to the new environment you must be careful what you are eating. For sure you want to try some exotic meal that sound awesome and mouthwatering. But think twice, you don’t want to spend the rest of the day vomiting.

Be ready for adventure. If you are going on a cruise and sit all day by the pool and drinking cocktails or beer then you are missing all the fun. Cruise is about visiting new places, exploring new cities, enjoying on exotic beaches and meeting new friends. So, the best tips for a cruisers is to be open-minded, outgoing and friendly. But still, you need to be alert and keep an eye on your personal items, because you will be sharing the ship with more than 3.000 passengers and crew members.

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