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Creating the best home office

admin on July 19, 2014 - 3:20 am in Ideas

The world that we live in is changing every day, new rules, new technologies, new way of living and working. Nowadays the technologies has the mayor role in the whole functioning of the world. Computers are our connection to the world, regardless if it is for chatting with friends for another countries, reading the latest news, studying and working. And since you can connect to the Internet from your home you just sit comfortable in your room and have all the information and data that you need. The computers and the internet connection have changed the whole process of studying and working. When it comes for working, with computer with high performances and internet connection with high speed you can forget about long hours in the office and make one in your comfortable home. A lot of people have chosen to work from home. Like that they can’t the traveling expenses or maybe start their own business without spending money on office space, supplies and other bills. But, working from home doesn’t have to mean that you will do your job sitting on your dining table or the sofa in the living room. Working from your home also means that you can make your office. Like that you and your family member can know the space from home that is only relaxing is and being together and what is the working space where the kids shouldn’t spend too much time. Creating a home office will result with more effective working as well.

Start with choosing a good spot with lots of light. It doesn’t have to be too big, even a small corner in the living room or the basement can do the job.

Then make a list of the office essentials that you will need such as desk, computer, telephone, fax machine, internet connection, cozy chair and a cabinet or place to store the folders with the documents and other paper work. If you are having partners or clients that will visit you often, thane add few chairs and a table.

Plant the space to fir your storage. If it is small, add additional shelves on the walls.

You can end up working long hours even thru the night, so make sure that you have good lighting. You can place the home office by the window for some natural light during the day and use electricity only for the evening’s hours.

Keep in mind to use another telephone line, you don’t want your kids answering the potential clients or your boss.

Be creative. In a typical office that you share with you colleges everything is sterile, black and white, but in your own home office you can use the colors that you love, add some paintings and the coziest chair.

And when it come for working from home most people forget about working hours, so their work becomes a priority. Even if your office is next to your bedroom or in your living room you need to make a strong boundaries between the professional and the private life, and always have more time to spend with the family.

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