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Types of gardens perfect for your balcony

admin on September 6, 2014 - 2:42 am in Garden, Ideas

There is no better place for relaxation than the gardens. Besides being the place where you spend time after a tough day at work, they are also a great decoration for the front of your house. The expert gardening advisor Kathy Bosin says that the brightly colored annuals like the red, pink and purple geraniums are the perfect thing for these types of decoration. It is very important for you to examine the position of your balcony and take into consideration the sun, the water and the climate. If you have a sunny balcony, you need to choose plants which need more sun. And if your balcony is small the perfect solution will be the plants which are easy to maintain. The idea is to keep the design of the garden simple and to decide the purpose of the balcony.

Herb garden balcony – For small balconies Kathy says that the greenery matched with the finest fragrances of herbs are the right choice for peaceful garden. You can also put a plant stand and fill it with a narrow stone vessel for oregano, marjoram, rosemary and lemon grass. Also, you can plant lavender in a long container and hang baskets of purple annuals in order to make your garden more colorful.

Gardens in Asian style – It is known that most Asian gardens are in full with decorations of wood, stone and water. So if you want to have garden of this type, you can put two stone benches and small stone table. Then you can add a big stone container where you can grow bamboo and a big bowl with one big water lily. If you want you can hang paper lanterns and several vessels with chrysanthemums, poppies, or some simple planting.

A perfect escape garden – If you want to escape from everyday’s obligations, making an isolated garden on your balcony is the perfect thing for you. Take some hanging baskets of fern and surround the platform with ceramic clay containers of green foliage plants. It is important to choose plants which grow upward and not outward. In the end you can decorate the garden with crystal wind chimes.

A Southwestern Oasis garden – If you want to feel like you are in New Mexico, choose adobe- colored paint in order to give your balcony warm and sunny look. The ceramic clay tiles, the different big river rocks, the cacti and succulents, the Spanish lanterns and the two low wood benches for sitting will give the complete look of your southwestern oasis garden.

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