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Decorating ideas for which you won’t need to spend too much money

admin on August 17, 2014 - 5:47 pm in Home & Kitchen, Ideas

It’s been ages since the last time you renovated your house or you made some change in the decoration of your house, so you think it’s time to do something about that. But when you think about the costs of the whole process you change your mind at the exact moment. Here are given some decorating ideas which will help you to make some changes in your house and at the same time you won’t need to spend too much money.

Embossed wallpapers are perfect if you want to make some changes on your ceiling. In case you want to accent the center of your room you can take into consideration these wallpapers like a perfect solution. Beside them, you can use the painted accents as a replacement of the usual wall borders. The diamond shapes, the shapes of circle or flower will give your room a complete new look.

When it comes to the kitchen it is well known that the new cabinets cost too much, but with a little imagination you can give your old cabinets a complete new look.  Buy your favorite color and paint them. You can also decorate them by applying some images or prints. In the end apply some coats of lacquer and your new cabinets are ready to be used.

If you want your floor to have the look of a parquet floor but don’t have the necessary amount of money to afford one, the laminated flooring is the solution which you are looking for. You can also put vinyl tiles in rooms which are always crowded and need to be cleaned all the time.
The furniture’s trend changes non-stop, so it seems to you that the furniture you have is old-fashioned. If you wish to make some change is big but you don’t want to change money for a new one, you can try using slipcovers. You can find them in different fabrics and designs, and they are also easy for cleaning.

Most of the women are faced with the problem of storage and the plastic totes are not a perfect decoration for your room. Instead of them you can take some old stack able suitcases or some old trunk which not only can be a perfect item to store your items but a great coffee table for your living room.

The bedroom is another place where you can make some changes. If the headboard is one of the things which you want to transform, all you have to do is to cover a massive canvass with some tapestry or fabric. Likewise, you can paint a piece of wood, lift it above the bed and put some flowers or pictures as a decoration.

In the end, the fixtures are another thing on which you can think when you talk about renovation. The attractive shelves and picture frames can catch the eye of your guests every time they come in your house and will give vitality to your room.


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