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Incredible useful ways to use vinegar

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Vinegar is a daily use product in homes. It is clearly one of the essential elements in our kitchens. It is not just helpful in kitchen but you can make use of vinegar in number of ways. The elite quality of vinegar is the exceptional and extra ordinary cleaning power as compared to other home cleaning products. Moreover, there is no price comparison of vinegar with other products. You can clean your kitchen, bathrooms and even your living areas with the help of this powerful natural detergent. If you start creating a list of vinegar’s benefit then believe me that there’s no end. Especially, white vinegar is very helpful for home cleanliness. Some incredible useful ways to use vinegar as one of the powerful detergent are as follow:

Vinegar Benefits in Kitchen:

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house or I should say that kitchen is the nucleus or central control unit for a family. You will love cooking fresh food if your kitchen is clean and free of malodorous. I have met many ladies and gents who are really worried about the hard stains on their kitchen’s flooring and utensils, are you one of them? If so, then you have landed the right page as following are some odd tips that will make your day.

  • Vinegar is useful in cleaning all surfaces just by adding water in vinegar. You can make your surface spark like star.
  • You can easilyremove stains with the help of vinegar paste. It is really easy to create vinegar paste as you will mix a handy quantity of baking soda into vinegar to form a thick paste for removal of stains.
  • You can clean your microwave with vinegar. Put one cup of vinegar in your microwave for about two to three minutes and then clean it.
  • Add vinegar in little quantity of water to create a liquid spray and shower it into your coffee maker for cleaning.
  • It can also be used to make your vegetables fresh and preserved fora long time. You can keep them fresh by just showering some vinegar on it.
  • All stinking can be removed from cutting boards with vinegar scrubbing.
  • If you add vinegar in citrus juice then you can get rid of bad garbage smell.
  • It is point of extreme irritation if your hands smell bad due to onion and garlic. You canget a flush from this stinking by washing your hands with vinegar. Or you can apply vinegar on your hands while cutting the onion and garlic.


Vinegar Benefits in Bathroom:

You can make your washroom stinking free with the help of vinegar. Following are the tips that can help you in cleaning bathroom with the help of vinegar.

  • You can clean your bathrooms, shelves and surface. Add water in vinegar and spray it over all affected
  • Drizzle vinegar directly in your toilet and then clean it with a toilet brush to get rid of bad smell and stains.
  • Mirrors are important partof your bathroom. So, it should be clean. You can clean your bathroom mirrors by just taking one cloth dipped in vinegar solution. Rub it on mirror and remove all stains.
  • You can also clean your showers and bathtubs with vinegar.
  • Towelgets smelly when we use it daily. So to make your towels stink free, wash it with vinegar and hang it in an open area.Top of Form
  • You can clean your bathroom pipes and tubes with vinegar. Take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar and water. Attach it with your bathroom pipes and tubes with the help of rubber bands. Leave it wet for 12 to 13 minutes and then you should remove for cleanliness.
  • To remove lime-scale from your bathroom doors; you can use vinegar. You just have to boil some vinegar and apply it on affected areas. Leave it for 10 minutes and successfully remove all lime from your bathroom doors.
  • You can wash your shower curtains with vinegar. Just wash your curtains byadding vinegar with Baking soda powder in it.
  • To clean your bathroom soap dish. Just wash it with vinegar by adding warm water in it.


Natural tips of using Vinegar:

You can clean wood floor with vinegar. Vinegar is also helpful to clean leather sofas, chairs and bed. Just spray white vinegar on your sofas, chairs and bed and then let it dry with soft cloth. All kid’s stuff such as toys, books can be cleaned with vinegar. You can also use vinegar to clean electronic appliances or carpets.

Moreover, it has health benefits as it is helpful for increasing the growth of your hairs. If you wash your hairs with water, adding vinegar to it, then you can get long and shiny hairs. You can sparkle your teeth with the help of this naturally available product. You can also clean your combs and brushes with it. You just need to dip your combs and brushes in one tub full of vinegar and water and let it plunged for some time. Now remove and dry them all with a clean cloth.


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