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11 Amazing uses of silica gel packets

admin on January 21, 2015 - 5:02 pm in Ideas, Interesting Stuff, Tips

Small things have great importance sometimes we thought that these little things are not important but they are of great importance. Silica gel packets are the things which are considered the most useless things but nothing in this world is useless everything has some importance. We just think to throw useless things when there is no any importance of these useless things but we think wrong because there is little importance of everything. Silica gel packets which are with the bags and shoes box are important but we considered it the most irritating and extra item comes with our shopping and we throw them but there are bundle of uses for these packets which are away from the thoughts of anyone. Some of the uses of silica gel packets are as follows:

  • To save cell phone from water damage: Silica gel packets are very minor things we considered because of unawareness from many of its uses but it can be used for the purpose of saving cell phones from water damage. If your cell is damaged by water then if you put that cell alone with silica gel packets in a bag or a box then you can find after some days that your cell will work better and perfect. It is the perfect use of silica gel packets because cell is very much dear to us because of its daily usage and communication.


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