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Famous logos that have a hidden messages

admin on January 25, 2015 - 12:57 am in Awesome

Every company and firm has its brand and exclusive name with a distinctive logo to represent company’s personality. But have you ever pondered over the hidden or secret meaning of these logos and signs? These signs are not just signs but these have underlying meaning and quotes to express some idea and personality of the company. We should know and explore the hidden or encrypted messages under these logos because anyone in the future may ask you to tell about these logos. So, some of the hidden meanings about popular logos are discussed below :







  • Toyota: Logo of Toyota is in red color and while seeing it seems that two rings are gathered in a chain. But no one think about the meaning of this logo. It is basically the name of company itself in its logo. These rings and chain also represent the three hearts; one is the heart of customer, second is the heart of product, and third is the heart of technology.


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