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12 DIY Ideas For Apartment Makeover

admin on January 18, 2016 - 3:23 am in Advices, Awesome, DIY, Home & Kitchen

As the New Year kicks off, it is the right time for everyone to kick starts a new and refreshing part to life. Of course there are a lot of things that counts a lot when it comes to décor your apartment. While looking for healthy food and perfect projects, you also desire for your apartment makeover.  However in this article you are not going to learn things about complete renovation because you might not own an apartment. But there are certain things that you can do to your apartment without spending a lot of money. Yes you can transform your living space without breaking bank and changing everything.  Here are some ideas that you can apply to your home and transform your home into better living space.

Get Inspired

It’s true that all home makeover begins with an inspiration. You can get inspiration from good home decoration website, magazine or a book. The best way to check new trend is to check internet or do window shopping, you will get to know about the new things and trends that you can apply to your home.

Pinterest Board

You have to make list of ideas and products that you really want to purchase for your home makeover. It’s always better to make list and see each and everything together before you do actual buying. It will help you realize the overall image of your ideas.

Plan step by step

You have to take one step at a time.  Don’t think about complete makeover of your home at a time but you just need to think about one room at the time. If you think about complete home, a lot of work will remain unfinished. It is important to design a plan and transform your ideas in to reality one by one.

Take help

It is important not to do it alone. You have to take offline and online help to make this project a successful one. Frankly people don’t have ideas in start but with online help and offline like from magazines and interior designers help, they can achieve better results. They can select better colors that will suit their choice and mood and let people know about your style.

Pilling on paint

You have to surround yourself with colors you like. You have to pick the right colors that will make your feel comfortable. Pilling of the paint is one of the best ways to experiment different colors on the wall. Indeed it’s a great idea.

Wall colors

Check different colors on the wall. The paint chips will work best for you. Paste these chips on the wall and it will reflect the overall color display of your room. See what you think about the color with the paint chips. You can end up applying your favorite color but remember if you want perfect home, it has to be start with wall paint.

Check lights

It is important to make sure you home light fixtures is right. If light fixture is dull, your home will not look impressive. You have to evaluate the lights and check if it requires replacement or not. You can use different decorative lights and different amps to make it look perfect. It is better to update your lights for brighter looks.

Remove unnecessary items

It is important for you to remove the unused items from the home. There are a lot of accessories and items that have no use at all in home but still they are taking space in your home. Your first job is to remove these items and make some space for important items to be place in different parts of home.


Build up storage capacity in your home. You should think creative and solve the storage issue so that a lot of items should be place in cabinets or storage space.

Classy outdoor items

It has been seen that in big cities space for every home is less so you have to utilize space creatively.  You must décor your home outdoor with classy items like putting flower vas in outdoor, rotten furniture and many different items.

Take suggestion

Before applying any diy idea, you must take suggestion for your friend, family or roommate. It is better to take suggestion as it might allow you to décor your home in best possible way.  You could ask for color combination, decorative items and many more things.

By doing this you can make your home or apartment look elegant and classy.


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