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Apple, Twitter and the great logos built with the ‘golden ratio’

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The genius mathematician Luca Pacioli lived between the XV  and the XVI centuries, He invented the Golden Ratio. So many things that we find in nature such as the spiral of shells, have in common a number, which is in mathematics so;


Many architects and painters have used to create their works of the golden number and the golden proportion. A reference is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, where the size of the face fully respect the parameters of the golden section, as well as many everyday objects such as SIM cards. To have a close relationship with the golden proportion is the Fibonacci sequence. Or a numeric sequence that starts with 1 and 1, and the subsequent terms are generated from the sum of the first two. “The quotient of any term of the sequence and its previous approximates phi increasingly, as they proceed in the series”
Multinationals such as Apple and Twitter were designed following the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio their corporate logos.
Apple has designed its logo through circles superimposed, that parameter equal to the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence, the same goes for the Twitter logo.
“As we can see from the pictures were used circumferences recorded in squares of the sides equal to the first six elements of the Fibonacci sequence



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