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Life Changing Google Search Hacks

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Google is no doubt the best and most powerful search engine in the world. There are some search hacks that not everyone knows but Google has it to simplify human life. It will take just few seconds to discover some life changing search hacks that Google have in it. They are moreover handy and helpful to you in many ways. However there is no requirement to install any plugin or app to use these life changing search hacks. Some of them are listed below:

  • Check out the weather without stepping outside your home

You can now search or known weather condition in your area without stepping out of your home. You just need to write “weather” and your city or area name in the Google search bar. It will show you’re the weather condition of your area in few seconds. You can have look on weather condition for whole week.  This sounds really interesting.

  • Select your next meal by comparing the food items

Now you can compare the food items that you are going to eat for your next meal. Like if you eat pizza now and want to compare it with broccoli you just need to put “vs” between the food items. Google will show the comparison in the result field.

  • Set a timer

You don’t need to rely on your alarm clock or phone for setting up alarms. This can easily be done with google and it will never forget to ring on time. This is one of the best features that no everyone knows.

  • Watch your favorite TV show

You can now easily track your favorite television show episode with Google. You just need to put the name of TV show and it will illustrate the details and all episodes of your favorite television show.

  • Calculate tip and divide your bill with Google

Now you can easily calculate the tip with Google. Moreover it will help you to divide it with number of members as well. So use this feature of Google as not everyone knows about this search feature of Google. I know your waitress will love to serve you again.

  • Check out the sun rise time

Now you can check what is the exact time of sun rise in your area? With the help of Google search all you need is to write sun rise and your area name in the search bar. It will show exact time of sun rise.

  • Sunset time

You can also check the sun set time in your area. Like sun rise you just need to write sun set and your area name in the Google search bar. It will show the exact time of sun set in your area. Isn’t it amazing? Of course it is.

  • Google translation service

Now you can easily translate any language with the help of Google translation. It will translate each line in to English or any desired language you want it to translate. So communication is far easy with the help of Google translator.

  • Check out movie time

You can check the movie times in your area with the help of Google search. You just need to put the name of movie and your area in the search bar. The result will have time and movie name accordingly.

  • Check out when is holiday and thanksgiving

Now with Google you just write thanksgiving and you will know the exact data of Thanksgiving Day and holiday. This is again best feature of Google.

  • Google games

If you have nothing to do in office and are getting bored, you can play Google games without downloading any app or software in your computer. You will certainly enjoy this search hack as it will allow you to enjoy your time playing different games.

  • Check the time in different parts of the world

Now you can easily check the exact time in different parts of the world with Google search hacks. You just need to write “time” and your desired location. It will show exact time in seconds.

  • Use Google to do geometry work

You can solve your geometry work with the help of Google. It will solve your issues within few seconds.

  • Find out the meaning of words without dictionary

You can now check the actual meaning of any word without opening any dictionary or going to any website to check the meaning of any word. All you need is to write “define:” and write the word what you want to know. It will show the actual meaning and its synonyms in seconds. This is amazing feature that no everyone in this world knows.

  • Conversion of units

Now you can convert units with the help of Google. You can convert miles in to KM and meter in to centimeters easily with Google search hacks.

  • Find out your flight time

You can now check the flight time of your plane with Google search. You just need to put the name of your plane in Google search bar it will show all the necessary information to you in seconds. You don’t need to call airport for confirmation of your plane timing anymore.

  • Go back to old time

You can check how Google looks in 2000 or in 1998. Google will show how it looks at that time. It is really amazing to see the old shape and design of Google.

  • Protect your phone code with 466453.com

Now you can protect your mobile phone with this code, you don’t need to memorize different number as Google is easy to remember just type Google on keypad and it will open your code easily.

These are some common points that people don’t know. Try these search hacks, it really works. Good luck.








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