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Inspirational small garden ideas

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It is true that whatever you do in your home garden is pure your artistic choice and you don’t need to give any apology and explanation to anyone. You are the creator and you shall know what you want at your home. The creativity lies in your mind and you can accomplish it and get satisfied results. There is different vision in mind of different people when it comes to small garden ideas. A small garden may be big space to another person so perceptions are different among people.

A brief history

  • When it comes to small gardens, you have to go back to ancient time where Egyptians used to design indoor garden with earthenware pots to grow unique plants.
  • Romans were used to do container gardening as they have passion to use new tricks for making home garden and inventing topiary.
  • Mostly the small garden tips and tricks that are common these days are taken from the romans.

What inspiration you want?

There are so many ideas and inspiration around you that you might get confused. People are not sure which idea to apply to their home garden. The first and the best rule are to keep it simple.  It is better to decide which idea or theme you want to follow or is there any theme that inspires you and you want to follow it in your home garden. A lot of people start home gardening with containers and pots and once they get success they move on to explore more options and ideas regardless of setup cost.  Here are some interesting home gardening ideas that you can follow as well.

Nothing is better than adding sprouts in your diet and of course you don’t need to apply any soil or seeds. Even you don’t need to leave your kitchen seat as you just need to soak tablespoon of some seeds in the water and soaking them daily. It will be ready in next couple of days.

You don’t need to leave your home in order to grow delicious mushrooms. There is mushroom kit that is available that offer you many harvest free of fungicide mushrooms. It is really exciting to cut free home grown mushrooms.

The terracotta jar that is filled with culinary herbs, it will provide people with tasty herb teas that are fresh element in your meal. There are many herbs available that acts multi-functional. These herbs can be used for the purpose of adding flavor to your meal. They have been good for your health as well. Basil, chives, rosemary, sage and coriander are some flowers that can be dried and can offer free seed for you next home planting.  Aloe Vera is another great herb that is attractive in shape and form and looks like a beautiful plant. It can easily grow in pots and can easily produce baby plants and you can get more free plants.

Flowerpot man is another great and attractive design that you can apply. It will reflect your choice and personality. If you have kids at home, ask them to make their own plant pot and paint them as they want, it will look superb.

There have been some rustic tools, birth bath, musical chimes that cannot be used inside home but these can be used outside and give a new look to your garden if you utilize them properly.

Of course people want to give classy and special look to their home garden. Regardless how much space you have adding bird statue in corner of your garden will give style your garden. Moreover items that are unusual can beautify your home garden if utilized properly.

Flowers can add extra charm to your garden area and it is very easy to incorporate flowers if space is less. Some of the flowers as we all know that will grow indoors easily. However same color flower looks fabulous if you follow a particular color theme. White and blue color combination looks elegant and classy. If you can hang the basket in order to save space, it will give sensational look to your home small garden.

With limited space available hanging vertically flowers and pots would make your garden look classier. Moreover you can maximize your garden space. It has been notice that using old container in garden is very common and popular all over the world. It can be utilized in a new way and can be used for decorative purpose in garden.

These are some of the top ideas, there are many more that I will share in my next blog but these ideas can inspire you and you can apply these in your garden easily. Everything can be utilized but all you need is to get some inspiration. For more ideas subscribe to our blog and get best ideas.

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