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Feed the soil with homemade fertilizer

admin on June 14, 2014 - 9:32 pm in DIY, Garden, Ideas

The key to every good garden that gives your gorgeous flowers and fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables is the soil. And the key of being good gardener is to fertilize. If you are wondering how that works, the answers is pretty easy. Making your own fertilizer is very simple, and more important, is natural, so it is perfect for your soil because it provides it with all the nutrients that your plants need for growing big, strong and healthy. Why spending money on fertilizer in the garden stores when you can make it your home? The whole process of making fertilizer at home is very easy, it is free and you will get an excellent addition for the soil in your garden. The key of homemade fertilizer is transforming the kitchen and garden waste in to fertilizer that is beneficial for all the flowers, herbs and vegetables that you have planted in your garden. Not only that you will save money and you will have very useful fertilizer, but you will also practice green gardening and be eco-friendly, which is very important for the whole environment and nature. The secret of making a healthy fertilizer for the soil is already well know and very easy, so learn more about that.

The easiest way to make fertilizer at home is by using all the waste and scraps from the kitchen. So, instead of throwing the, use the, to make fertilizer with all the nutrients that are essential for the plants to grow. To make it at home you will need a bucket that can fir around five gallons, four cups of soil, water and a bunch of scraps and waste form your kitchen and the garden. Start with placing the soil in the bottom of the bucket. After the soil, add a layer of the scraps, such as grass, peels of fruits and vegetable, some leaves collected in the garden and some withered flowers and plants. Then add a ½-gallon of water in the bucket, because it will decompose all the materials and ingredients that you have put before. Decomposing of the kitchen and garden waste is the key of making a very good and usable fertilizer. At the end cover the bucket and leave it outside for few days. After few days is ready to use and to supply the soil with all the nutrients that your pretty garden needs.

Also, you can make a fertilizer for your roses, so they bloom with lovely flowers. For that kind of homemade fertilizer you need two peels of banana, dozen egg shells, and three cups of coffee grounds and three gallons of water. Get a bucket and use the banana peels as a base on which you will add the coffee grounds and the crushed and washed eggs shells. Pour the water and stir this mixture well. Leave it to decompose for around three days. After that time you will have homemade fertilizer for your roses that will grow bigger and more beautiful. If you have vegetable garden you can use this fertilizer for those plants as well.


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