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Decorating the home on a budget

admin on June 13, 2014 - 12:34 am in Home & Kitchen

You want to give your home a makeover, a new and fresh look, but you are already aware that that project can cost you a small fortune. Well, yes, if you hit the store and buy everything you need. But, if you are more creative, crafty and love do-it-yourself projects that you can have a home makeover without hurting your budget. For sue you have or you can ask you mother to give you some old fabric to use for pillow cases or table cloth. If your walls need repainting, then do the job with help of your family or friends. And if your furniture is still good shape and you can use it, just fresh it up with some new color or refurbish it. It is spring so let the nice weather, the vivid colors and beautiful flowers inspire you and give your home a new and fresh look.

Move the furniture around and your room will have a totally new look. This is the easiest and it is a free way to decorate you room. Think wisely and arrange the furniture to be pretty, but also practical. Move the chairs or sofa to the walls and near them place the coffee table. On the opposite wall place the TV stand. Like that your room can appear bigger and more open.

Let the sun in. It is spring and soon to be summer so we have a lot of natural light that you can use. Open to windows and just add light curtains in bright colors. Also, place the curtain holders few inches above the windows and let them fall down. Like that the walls can appear longer.

Add fun decorations. As we said, let the spring inspire you, and enhances your home with cute decorations and ornaments that you can make yourself. All you need is few simple materials and lot of creativity. Use the old photographs to make a collage or use colorful fruits and place them in a jar, they willadd life and color in the room. You can make your room, bedroom or living room more fun by adding few pillows in different colors and shapes.  Adding color in the room is easy and cheap, but can really make a change and give the room new and fresh look.

Bring life in the room by just picked fresh flowers from the garden or the near field. Their lovely aroma and vivid colors, placed in a pretty vase will instantly change the look in your home. And you can add a lot of flowers that will spread their aroma in your home.

Give you home makeover by adding art work. You don’t have to spend a small fortunes, just get nice frames and the rest is on your imagination. Your old photographs, the kid’s paintings, maybe you can paint something or buy a painting form the unknown artist on the street.

Vintage is always in, so go down the basement or the attic and find your parents old decorations, remove the dust and just let them make your home more beautiful. Plus, they have more emotional value that any decoration that you can buy.

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