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Adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet

admin on March 20, 2014 - 3:48 pm in Food & Drink

Fruit and vegetables are the foundations of a healthy and sound lifetime. We’re all familiar that minimum three meals a day is needed. But nutritionists keep increasing this number, which led to a new study where they recommend some five to nine servings per day. You thought of that also: Is this a diet or what? But it kind of makes sense since you keep your organism work more during the day, which results in burning more calories than usual when you eat less, and it goes on standby.

The first meal and the most significant one is the breakfast.Try to use home made food mixed with tons of veggies and fruits, spice that all up, and replace the water you’ve been drinking with fruit juice.Spice up the cereal with adding some dried fruits, or blend up your routine crumbled eggs with onions or mushrooms.This will be a cracking beginning for your organism and contribute you the energy needed for the daytime.


Between breakfast and lunch you need to have a morning snack in order to give you the strength till lunch time. You can use some frozen or dried fruits or veggies.

The next stage is the lunch, for what people don’t pay attention to, but is as much as important as the rest, because is somewhat in the middle of the day, and people are constantly in a hurry to receive it and go on with their work afterwards, and that’s how they end up eating junk food or only salads, which is not right at all.Only you can employ your creativity here and try to do something different and include another component in your meal each day, but something healthy.You can begin by replacing those burgers with a veggie one, and all of the meat with soy or mushrooms or other veggies that will bring more life in you andwill freshen you up and prepare you for the rest of the day.

It’s time for the afternoon snacks. But I wasn’t thinking of french fries, or the usual fat-full snacks.You can create yourself a healthy and a vitamin boost snack. Get the frozen fruit from your freezer. You can freeze whatever you wish, or you can try roasting some veggies and serve it with bangers.


The final most important (one of the big former threesome) but not least meal will be the dinner.You can work your imagination and create salads with a mixture of vegetables. Try some sun roast tomatoes, they are a great add-on. As already mentionedvegetables can taste better and are better when roasted instead of boiled. When roasting all of their flavours come in taste, and release their vitamins to infest our organism. Eat more of the veggie pizza, full with mushrooms, tomato sauce and spiced up with wild marjoram. Try mashing potatoes, add some other green and mashed vegetables with that. You’ll become habituated to this mouthful and come to like it yet better that those fat, full foods you’ve been consuming.

And the most loved serving, the dessert as an ending character.The final meal of the day, the last chance of eating some fruits for the daytime. You can always add as much fruit as you want to in some of the fat free cakes, or simply consume frozen or dried fruits.


Although the meals per day differs from men to woman, where men should try to get around 9 meals, and women around 7, the fact that nutritionistsmostly emphasizes is that everyone should try and have 2-3 servings per meal, which will make your organism work like crazy and that unwanted fat will be all burned. But what is important Is that your body will be detoxed. As a steer of the day regarding this paper, I would advise to get yourself a peeler, which will help you deal with the vegetables of fruit skins easier.


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