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7 Reasons to say big No to ready meals

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Ready meals are those meals which apparently brings ease in your life. But there are somethings you need to think deep down about them. Just like ready meals, which brings some relief to our lives, no cooking, no washing, nothing just eating.

People prefer to buy ready meals but are they healthy enough? This question should bother each one us who eat ready meals.

Following are seven reasons one should say a big No to ready meals.

  1. The provided portions are smaller.

This industry is humungous one and the economical scale is a tremendous one. Tons of ingredients including chicken, kebab etc. are processed and then assemble together to be stored in big quantity. But what you must be bothered about is that the quantity given to the people who waste their money on their product is very less.

The only thing that would console you is that less intake of additives and preservatives in body,

The less amount of food will not fulfill your huger requirements and you will end up with getting hungry again. It concludes that more waste of money.


  1. Too much amount of salt is used.

Salt is mineral and a very important ingredient in food. It brings an amazing taste in food. But too much use of salt is dangerous as well. Ready meals use a lot of salt in their meals.

Apart from that excessive amount of salt is used because the food is frozen and is moved from thousands of miles because of which it tends to lose their taste, and the best way to maintain its taste is to add salt in them as salt is a cheap spice.

Too much of salt intake has some draw backs, because it is unhealthier and causes high blood pressure, heartdisease, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and there may be a link to stomach cancer as well. Food manufacturers exploit the customers by giving wrong information.


3.Excessive amount of chemicals are used.

There are a lot of ingredients used in read meals which in actual are chemicals.

Following are some of the chemicals often mentioned on the labels.

  • Artificial flavor
  • Maltodextrin
  • Mono and diglycerides
  • Glycerin
  • Sucralose
  • Chromium amino acid chelate
  • Sodium caseinate
  • Dipotassium phosphate


Any of these do not even sound like food products. The question arises that why to use these chemicals rather than real nourishments.



  1. Artificial minerals and vitamins are used.

There are a lot of fake vitamins and minerals used in ready meals, the manufacturersmislead us with wrong information. They inform us to use processed food which means real one but the food is not real but fake vitamins are used.  Synthetic vitamins and mineral are not good for human health because we will have problem in digesting them and this may contain chemical compounds which cannot be digested by humans. Things that are not natural are good for anyone thatis why one should prefer homme cooked fresh food.


  1. Excessive amount of vegetable oil is used.

Vegetable oils are extracted from canola, sunflower, corn etc. that holds some fatty acids which are surely dangerous for human body. Vegetable oil causes heat disease and inflammation. One of these companies use olive or coconut oil which is very rare because it is expensive.

These vegetable oils are operatedin highly toxic. To cut the long story on short ready meals are preferred because of the laziness or it happens occasionally, ready meals should not be eaten much often.


  1. Every ingredient is at risk.

The ready meals are processed in big quantities for which manufacturers only care about is that their product should be sell as much as it can and people eat it more and more, no matter it is healthy or not. They do not simmer the food, and do not add herbs instead of it apply too much of salt in it to give it some flavor.


  1. Ready meals are packed in sugar.

The very well-known organization WHO (world health organization) commends 25 grams of sugar intake daily that is 6 teaspoons, excessive intake of sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and cancer. But these ready meals are all covered in sugar, which is unhealthy.

All of the above are the reasons an individual should avoid buying ready meals, because they are neither healthy nor safe for human body

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