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Creating the perfect porch

admin on July 31, 2014 - 5:40 am in Awesome

It is spring and soon to be summer and all you need for a enjoying in the warm evening is a porch, and if you don’t have now is the time to make a perfect one. Porch is like extension of your house in the front, to make a cozy place for relaxing and getting some fresh air. Most often are made of wood and have that lovely rustic look. You can add chairs and coffee table or small comfortable sofa and decorate it with planters with lovely and colorful flowers. A stunning porch will make your home look prettier. Add a floral wreath on the door and you are ready to enjoy in the spring and summer days.

Since spring is so lovely, the nature is blooming and everything is so alive, let this nice season be your inspiration while creating your cozy and cute porch. Give your door, mailbox, fence and stairs new coat with fresh and natural paint, so you can invite the spring and slowly get ready for the summer.

The porch design is all your to think of, so be creative, but practical too. You can always call a professional constructor for help. After your porch is repainted and remodeled it is time to add the decorations and make it heartwarming. And that is the fun part after the hard working is done.

Green is color that relax your mind and soul, so make sure you have something green. Evergreen plants are perfect for the porch. They are easy to plant and they don’t acquire too much maintaining. The best part is that you will always have green around your home, so you can feel the nature. In summer then can make shade so you can have nice time and in winter you can use them to put the Christmas lights and decorations. To make them look even prettier plant then in some decorative planters or urns.

Fresh plants that are spreading their aroma are more than a pretty decoration, it is proven that they can be therapeutic especially after hard day working or studying. So, just sit down in you cozy chair, just watch the lovely plants and relax on your porch. With the evergreen trees plant different local flowers because they don’t need to much care, but still will make your porch look like a mini heaven.

After all the decoration is done is time for the furniture, and every porch needs something comfortable for sitting and table to place your cup of morning coffee or cold lemonade in your afternoon brake. The porch furniture is all about being creative and cozy. You can restore some of your old chairs or sofa, add table with chairs and umbrella for shade, armchairs, maybe a swing or simple wooden bench.

Don’t wait too much and make your ideal porch soon, so you, your family and friends can have a sweet and cozy place to relax and spend some time together in the warm springtime or hot summer day with a cold drink or ice cream. A nice porch will be a warm welcome to all your guests and for you as well.



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