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Wrong Ways Of Sitting in Toilet

admin on March 15, 2016 - 9:44 pm in Advices, Facts

90 Degree position in toilet (sitting position)

It has been notice that in western world, most of people would like to sit similar to position on bowl as they sit on chair.  Back is straight and your feet on the floor; it is the position that is mostly used by people in west. This is the major reason why people are having such a prolific digestive issues. The ninety degree position is farmed when your hips are bending and knees at right angles while sitting in toilet pedestal. It would create narrow at the point in which rectum and anus are join. It could lead towards difficulty in passing of your stool. Stress that is placed on colon due to defecating angel could leads to short term and long term bowel issues.


What are the health issues linking with 90 degree sitting posture?

Narrowing anorectic-angel could be triggered by 90 degree siting posture requires significant stress to unfilled the bowel. Nearly about thrice more stress it could cause than squatting position that is outer of the west.


Excessive stress at the time of bowel can create a rectal prolapse in certain incident and also life threatening circumstances like cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction.  Moreover, other disease caused by stressing the bowel while defecation that may include diverticulitis, constipation, prickly bowel sign and hemorrhoids.  There is a potential connection between excessive stressing at the time of, colon cancer and bowel movement.

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