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10 Weird But Working Healthy Tips

admin on March 17, 2016 - 5:23 pm in Hacks, Ideas, Tips

Write by hand to activate the activity of the brain

Now a day’s computer typing is mostly used for writing. But writing by hand is still the best practice to memorise things. Teachers usually advise to write the lesson you have learnt. Because once you write something it increases the activity of brain and lasts in your memory for long time. Handwritten information is easy to understand and absorb by the reader.


Improve relationships by spend less time together.

Today’s world is so fast we have to rush here and there to achieve our tasks. In meantime we forget to think about ourselves. So we should take some time for our self and setting distant from others we can better understand to whom we are close.So go for a walk and observe other people busy in their activities.


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